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DAY 1 | 11th JAN, 2020 | Saturday
Time Turing Lawn Hodgkin Huxley Lawn CV Raman Auditorium Feynman Show and Tell Theatre
10:30am-11:15am Outside-In: Bringing the world into our brains
Shubha Tole, TIFR
What machines can and cannot see: Progress over forty years
Narendra Ahuja, ITRA
Ajanta - A Pigment of our Glorious Imagination
S. Swaminathan, Tamil Heritage Trust
11:15am-12:00pm Has the terminator arrived - AI becomes smarter than humans?
Subbarao Kambhampati, ASU
How do we form our memories and how do we know where to look for them?
US Bhalla, NCBS
Black holes: Beacons in our search for a quantum theory of space-time
Spenta Wadia, ICTS-TIFR
InQuizitive India - hunt for the next quiz wiz
(Science Game)
12:00pm-12:55pm Embodied brains and disembodied minds: a neurological perspective on human nature
VS Ramachandran, UCSD
ISF TYT Talk 1
Angira Rastogi
ISF TYT Talk 2
Anchal Varshney
Genomic Quirks: How our Genes make or break us?
Ramesh Hariharan,
Strand Life Sciences
Teaching Machines to Read and Write Our Language
Sunita Sarawgi, IIT-B
Speculative Fiction: Imagining the Future
Tashan Mehta,
Author, The Liar's Weave
12:55pm-1:40pm Technologies for Development: Can Cloud and AI Cross the Digital Divide?
Sriram Rajamani,
Microsoft Research India
Humans are not alone, AI discriminates too: Controlling bias in AI
Nisheeth Vishnoi, Yale
New models of doing and funding science - What the future holds.
Vivek Jayaraman, Narendra Ahuja,
D. Dendukuri, Bishesh Khanal
Moderated by: Pankaj Mishra
Exhibit Talks
- AI Driverless car - Ati Motors
- Genetically modified flies
- Science in action: CSpark Research
2:00pm - 2:45pm Project Prakash: Merging Science and Service
Pawan Sinha, MIT
The Next Billion Users: Can Mobile, Internet, and AI include the masses?
Payal Arora,
Erasmus School of Philosophy
Why reinforcement learning is the next big thing in AI?
Ravindran Balaraman, IIT-M
SketchPad - unleash your imagination
(Science Game)
2:45pm-3:45pm ISF PYP Talk 1
Ankit S. Gupta
ISF PYP Talk 2
Anubhav Mishra
ISF TYT Talk 3
Vikas Vazhaiyal
Extended Intelligence: Coupling Human and Artificial Intelligence
Arnav Kapur, MIT
Do our brains use the same principles as deep learning?
Rajesh PN Rao, Subbarao Kambhampati, US Bhalla, Nandini Chatterjee
Moderated by: Venkatesh Murthy
Blood on a chip: Technology for diagnostic tests at doctor's offices
Dhananjay Dendukuri, Achira Labs
3:45pm-4:30pm Can science tell us who we are?
Mani Bhaumik, UCLA
How did China become a science superpower in two decades?
Cong Cao, University of Nottingham Ningbo, China
Can AI democratize healthcare innovation: Learnings from Nepal
Bishesh Khanal, NAAMI
Exhibit Talks
- Pollution @ your fingertip
- AI to smile: Aspiring Minds
- App to analyze Cough
4:30pm-5:15pm Can AI do more than adding dog ears to selfies - like fighting social injustice and improving society?
Milind Tambe, Harvard & Google Research India(Affiliate)
The many roads taken - life as a scientist, policymaker or entrepreneur
Anna Agarwal, Ramesh Hariharan, Amit Aggarwal, Anil Sahasrabudhe
Moderated by: Nisheeth Vishnoi
AI and Art: Human Machine continuum
Harshit Agrawal,
Adobe Design Lab
Elephant’s head for Ganesh – did ancient Indians know how to transplant organs?
Rajesh PN Rao, VS.Ramachandran, R. Gopu, Shubha Tole
Moderated by: Saurabh Chandra
5:20pm Keynote Remarks: Varun Aggarwal, Aspiring Minds
5:30pm-6:45pm Should science be priority for India - the fastest growing economy?
Rajan Navani, Spenta Wadia, Cong Cao, Payal Arora
Moderated by Varun Aggarwal
7:00pm-7:45pm Evening Program: Role of AI in changing cinema
Vani Tripathi, Prahlad Kakar Moderated by: Dwarika Prasad Uniyal
DAY 2 | 12TH Jan, 2020 | Sunday
Time Turing Lawn Hodgkin Huxley Lawn CV Raman Auditorium Feynman Show and Tell Theatre
10:15am Opening Remarks by Venkatesh Murthy, Harvard University
10:25am Special Remarks by Manoj Kumar, Social Alpha
10:35am-11:45am Lab to Market: Experiments, Challenges, Success Stories and way forward
Manoj Kumar, Taslimarif Saiyed, B. Ravindran Moderated by: Chintan Vaishnav
11:45am-12:30pm Brain 2.0 - Connecting human brains and machines
Rajesh PN Rao, UWash
Should we shoot the world's deadliest messengers or just disarm them through genetic engineering?
Suresh Subramani, TIGS
GPUs – From computer games to computer vision
PJ Narayanan, IIITH
Mission Mangal: Why women are not from Venus?

Minnie Vaid in conversation with Niyaatii Swami
12:30pm-1:15pm Google AI research: Global impact and opportunity for India
Manish Gupta, Google Research India
How insects make smart decisions using past experience and internal models of the world
Vivek Jayaraman, HHMI
Do Indian public health issues differ from the world-how to prevent, diagnose and cure?
Gagandeep Kang, THSTI
Ying-Yang: science of art, art of science
Harshit Agarwal, Pawan Sinha, Vijayendra Mohanty, Tashan Mehta,
Moderated by: Jahnavi Phalkey
1:15pm-2:10pm Gene Editing: How to get science to impact society - Opportunity and Challenges
Ramarao Damerla, Sanjeev Galande, Cong Cao, Sudheendra Rao
Moderated by: Shambhavi Naik
ISF TYT Talk 4
Anand Bhardwaj
ISF PYP Talk 3
Sivaranjani S
Stephen Hawking's legacy in fundamental physics
Rajesh Gopakumar,
AI to make lives better: Agriculture, Food, Waste management and more
Gargi Dasgupta, IBM
InQuizitive India - hunt for the next quiz wiz
(Science Game)
2:30pm-3:30pm Machines, Medicine and You: Is Indian healthcare ready for AI? | Plenary organized by LMSAI, Harvard University
Ashwin Naik, Santanu Bhattacharya, Sunita Nadhamuni, Rahul Matthan; Moderated by: Satchit Balsari
3:35pm-4:35pm ISF TYT Talk 5
Nitesh Mishra
ISF PYP Talk 4
Rajesh Thangavel Yadav
ISF PYP Talk 5
Arush Gupta
Exhibit Talks
- Tinker with electronics
- Brain Science in Action
- Climate change, responsible consumption and the role of technology - Shubham Bansal, Leap Club
- AI robot at your service
Why and how to build an MIT in India?
PJ Narayanan, Rajesh Gopakumar, Bharat Agarwal, Jayant B. Udgaonkar
Moderated by: Pawan Sinha
Solving problems using AI: Going beyond deep learning
Varun Aggarwal,
Aspiring Minds
Microbes in your mouth: Veg-Non Veg study using mobile DNA sequencer
Ramesh Hariharan and Raja Mugasimangalam
4:35pm-5:20pm Tamasoma Jyotisha Gamaya: The Men who knew Zero to Infinity
R Gopu, THT & Badri Sheshadri, Synprosoft
Is deep learning the nirvana of AI?
Payal Arora, Arnav Kapur, Bishesh Khanal
Moderated by: Manish Gupta
Why science needs women?
Minnie Vaid, Venkatesh Murthy, Shambhavi Naik, Karishma Kaushik
Moderated by: Kavya Narayanan
Science JAM -
"60 seconds to go"
(Science Game)
5:30pm-5:45pm Closing Ceremony and Prize Distribution
6:00pm-6:45pm Evening Program: Comedy by Nishant Tanwar
TYT: Talk Your thesis Talks
TYT 1: Angira Rastogi: Search for physics beyond the standard model
TYT 2: Anchal Varshney: Mechanism to control unstart phenomena in scramjets
TYT 3: Vikas Vazhaiyal: How to teach a robot to perform a brain surgery
TYT 4: Anand Bhardwaj: Factor affecting lift generation in insects and birds
TYT 5: Nitesh Mishra: Coevolution of Virus and bNAbs decoded in identical twins
PYP: Perform Your Project Talks
PYP 1: Ankit Santosh Gupta: Anveshan: Voice controlled robotic arm
PYP 2: Anubhav Mishra: Controlling humans and their free will
PYP 3: Sivaranjani S.: Battery-less UPS system using flywheel
PYP 4: Rajesh Thangavel Yadav: Duo-vent: AI-enabled smart ventilation system
PYP 5: Arush Gupta: KnightCryption: Algorithm inspired from sanskrit poetry
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Day 1:
11:45-12:45: Genetically modified flies
12:55-1:25: Tinkering Labs
2:30-4:30: CSpark Research
4:40-5:10: Tinkering Labs
Day 2:
12:30-1:00: Tinkering Labs
1:10-2:10: Genetically modified flies
3:35-4:35: Genetically modified flies
4:45-5:15: Tinkering Labs
DAY 2: PhD Student Roundtable: Improving PhD programs in India
DAY 2: Nasscom Round Table: Industry-academia research collaborations - examples of successes
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