Center for Development and Promotion of Science
CDPS seeks to build India's science ecosystem through capacity building, fostering collaboration and public awareness. CDPS has two major activities: public outreach through its flagship event, India Science Fest and second, building a program to support science organizations. Through India Science Fest, CDPS seeks to develop an interface between scientists and society and initiate credible science conversation in the country. It wants to become a thought-leader in science, guide public opinion and set the narrative for science in the country. India Science Fest is already the only and largest event of its kind and looks at a vision of being the fulcrum of science activities in the country. CDPS science program shall create an understanding of the current landscape, gaps, and areas that capacity needs to be developed. The center will support organizations in science through various means including funding for-profits and non-profits.

Executive Director - Center for Development and Promotion of Science
CDPS is looking for an Executive Director who will provide leadership to the center and manage all activities. The ED will establish the center as a credible voice of science in the country and develop a long-term impactful science program. The responsibilities of the ED will include:
  • Guiding the program of India Science Fest and making it a leading event in the country and the world
  • Develop a strong marketing and PR initiative for the center, to create thought leadership. Working on developing a strong online presence for the festival.
  • Conceptualizing events to engage scientists, institutions, public and press.
  • Building a long-term program to develop India's science ecosystem
  • Guiding research in India's science landscape, putting together proposals and working with an Investment Committee to fund organizations.
  • Developing partnership for the CDPS to enrich its program and develop its capacity
  • Take leadership in raising funds for CDPS for long term sustainability

Key benefits
  • Be part of a revolutionary science initiative
  • Work with folks from MIT, Harvard, IITs
  • Get entrepreneurial opportunities and building orgs from scratch

Qualifications and Experience:
We are looking for an entrepreneurial candidate who is passionate about building public engagement in science and India's science ecosystem. We will be looking for the following in the candidate.
  • A Masters or PhD in science/technology preferred or considerable experience in science/tech organization
  • 10+ years of experience with 5+ years in developing programs and thought leadership
  • Experience in fundraising, public relations and marketing.

Compensation: As per industry standard.

Location: Delhi-NCR.

How to apply?
Please mail us the following to
  • Your detailed resume
  • A covering letter explaining why you are interested and why you think you will do well in the role
  • A writing sample

To apply mail your resume to